• 23Apr

    The 7th event of our year long Speaker Series.

    Learn how twenty simple conservation actions costing less than $100 can save you $10,000 over five years. These conservation actions will more than offset (by over ten times) any increase cost of signing up for Clean Energy from your utility. Learn how to get a great return on investment through energy conservation in your house and transportation.

    Thursday, May 15 at 7pm

    The Center School Building
    4 Meetinghouse Lane, Woodbridge
    in the cafe/lower level, across from the Town Library

  • 22Apr

    The subject for this year’s contest was “What I do in my town to save energy and lessen global climate change”. From over 90 contest submissions covering three towns and five schools here are the winners:

    Bethany Community School

    • 1st Prize, Ella Halpine, Grade 5 – poster
    • 2nd Prize, Ms Sinclair’s Class, Grade 1 – poster
    • Honorable Mention, Betsy Frieden, Grade 2 – poem
    • Honorable Mention, Evan Gentile, Grade 6 – poster

    Bethany Middle School

    • 1st Prize, Miles Halpine, Grade 8 – poster
    • 2nd Prize, Eddie Walsh, Grade 8 – poster
    • Honorable Mention, Rashmi Pashankar, Grade 7 – essay

    Beecher Road School

    • 1st Prize, Isabella Buda, Grade 6 – essay
    • 2nd Prize, Howard Ding, Grade 2 – poster
    • Honorable Mention, Kadan Lattick, Grade 4 – poster

    Orange Middle School

    • 1st Prize, Zelun Wang, Grade 8 – video
    • 2nd Prize, Jared Loewenthal, Grade 7 – essay

    Amity High School

    The official award ceremony will take place on May 17th at “Bethany Earth Day 2008”. Prizes include Apple iPods, Barnes and Noble gift cards, a Savings Bond, and special awards for honorable mentions.

    Photos of the posters, PDF versions of the essays, and the full videos will be available for viewing soon. Check back soon to see them!

  • 14Apr

    You hear the term all the time but what is it
    all about? Learn about sustainability in your
    home and business. You’ll come away from
    the inspiring session with practical examples
    you can do yourself.

    Download the handouts

    … was held on Thursday, April 17 at 7pm